What Makes it Effective?

WHYNTER ARC-14SHSo many things go in favor of this dual hose air conditioning unit. This environmentally friendly AC from Whynter comes with CFC free green R-410A refrigerant. The use of lead free RoHS compliant components makes this portable AC a lot more durable and effective. Another big positive is the use of a patented advanced auto drain technology – it works amazingly well to recycle moisture in the air. This dual hose unit offers a number of other features as well – it can work as a 13,000-BTU heater, a 3-speed fan, or a dehumidifier. As it is a dual hose AC, it lowers the temperature of your living space quicker as compared to other units.

A Quick Overview of Whynter ARC-14SH

The moment we first checked this particular unit, it became clear that the designers have deliberately made an environmentally safe product. Whynter has already made a name for itself for manufacturing green products and this dual hose air conditioning unit is one impressive entry in the list. It is designed for domestic use, but it can easily cover an area of up to 500ft. With its BTU power of 14,000, it takes little time to slower the temperature of your two-bedroom apartment to significant level. The unit also comes with programmable timer and remote control – it has auto shut off capabilities that make it more convenient to use.

What Makes it a Good Choice?

ARC-14SH UnitIt is hard to ignore The Whynter ARC-14SH‘s eco-friendly design, so it’s obviously the first good thing on our list. It is a portable device, so there is no need to worry about asking an expert to have it installed for you. Most people believe that portable air conditioning devices consume more power and push your electricity bills up to the point of making an AC unit a genuine drain on profits. This is where the energy-efficient, eco-friendly design of Whynter sets it apart from other portable AC’s. It will increase your electricity bills, but only increases them by a narrow margin. There are very few other AC machines that can make a similar boast.

To ensure you don’t pay much at the end of the month, the manufacturers have included an auto turn off mechanism. It means your AC will go to sleep the moment it reaches a certain temperature. What’s more, it has digital controls, uses a cooling thermostatic control from 61 degrees to 89 degrees, and comes installed with activated-carbon filter.

What’s Not So Good?

We couldn’t find much to complain about, but we just cannot ignore one big issue – the noise. Yes, you will find it quite annoying if you’re a light sleeper. Another thing that’s not a drawback but annoyed us at times was the amount of water it drained on humid days. We suggest you use a small bowl to ensure the auto drain technology doesn’t become a hassle. Of course, it’ doesn’t always create problems, but it is definitely better to be on the safe side.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is that Whynter ARC-14SH scores well on all fronts. With the kind of features it has available, it becomes one of the very best portable air conditioners in the market. It maintains an eco-friendly approach and helps you save on your energy bills. It is quite affordable too, but you have to decide whether you want ARC-14SH with heather or without heather. Going for the unit that includes a heater will help take care of all your heating and cooling needs in all seasons.

For less BTU power and almost the same coverage, see the Whynter ARC-12SDH.

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